Women of TBC Core Values

The Women of TBC is a gospel-centered community who desire to:

  • Surrender. We engage in personal surrender by trusting Jesus for salvation and the Holy Spirit for sanctification. We surrender our sense of self to an identity as part of the family of God. We develop a relationship with God through a life of individual and collective worship, prayer and the practice of spiritual disciplines. Prayer and Worship nights for women are offered throughout the year. Here at TBC we surrender to the authority of the Word of God to shape our desires and guide our actions to glorify God! Bible studies are offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters for women, emphasizing intergenerational discussion groups and small group discussion formats.

  • Walk in Community. Authentic relationship building within Biblical community is imperative to life in the Kingdom of God. TBC provides opportunities for women to share life together. Home Group participation is vital to this process, and women are encouraged as they participate in and lead in their home groups and serve their neighbors. Mentoring relationships between younger and older women are encouraged and supported. We also host connection events, retreats and conferences to provide environments for women of all ages to get to know one another.

  • Live on Mission. As community, we live a shared life on mission, making disciples of Jesus Christ, for the sake of our city and the world. We imitate Christ’s sacrifice and submission to the Father by caring for each other’s needs and the needs of our neighbors and friends. Our desire is to connect women to service opportunities and to serve together for the glory of God!