This is our final year in a 7 year plan to engage with the Big Story of God in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation! We look at an Old Testament book or series of books in the fall and pull the thread of a theme to a New Testament book or series of the books in the spring.


This year the plan is as follows:
Fall: The Word of the Lord: Seeing Jesus in the Prophets by Nancy Guthrie
Spring: The Letters of John
(1,2 and 3 John and the letters in Revelation, using Abide by Jen Wilkin and additional materials composed by Amy for Revelation)


Fall Semester Details:

August 31 - November 16
Thursday Morning, 9:30 - 11:30 am, Commons
Thursday Evening, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, Commons

Sept 6 - November 15
Wednesday Mornings (New Song Widows Group) 10:00 am - 12:00 pm 
(Meet in the Creekview room of our Creekside Building)

If you would like to gather a small group of women to study off campus in your home or workplace, contact Amy!


This study will combine personal Bible study using the book described below, intergenerational discussion groups and live teaching by a team of women of TBC.

In the Old Testament, God spoke to his people through prophets―men specially called to speak God’s Word to his people. The New Testament makes it clear that such prophets, whether chastising or comforting, testified to Israel’s final redemption and ultimate hope: Jesus the Messiah.

Over ten weeks of guided personal Bible study, relevant teaching, and group discussion, Bible teacher Nancy Guthrie will help you see the person and work of Christ in:

               - Hosea's willingness to redeem his unfaithful bride from slavery
               - Isaiah's divine King and suffering Servant, who will be punished for his people
               - Daniel's stone, not hewn by human hands, that will crush every human kingdom
               - Ezekiel’s vision of a city where we will enjoy Jesus’s presence forever

Gain a fresh perspective on the message of the Old Testament prophets, a broader understanding of Jesus as the fulfillment of Scripture, and much more when you join Nancy on this incredible journey to see Jesus in the Old Testament!

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