Conquest is the act of acquiring or overcoming. In the books of Joshua and Judges, we follow God’s people, Israel, as they take possession of the land that God promised them. Rest is theirs but they have to fight for it! Their struggle points to Christ, the one who fights sin and death on our behalf and ultimately overcomes. Conquest is ours in Him, and, in the spring, Ephesians will teach us how to stake our claim and continue to fight in the power of the Spirit against the enemy of our souls.

In the spring, we will work through Grace: A Bible Study on Ephesians for Women by Keri Folmar.

Spring Registration CLOSED
Bible Studies

January 16, 2020  |   9:30 am - 11:30 am  |  Creekside Commons | Registration Closed

This spring, we will complement our fall study of the conquest of Canaan  in Joshua/Judges with a study of the conquest we have in Christ in the book of Ephesians.  We will be using the book Grace: A Bible Study on Ephesians by Keri Folmar as our guide. This is an inductive Bible study for women by a woman. Its main focus is on helping the reader understand what the author was saying to the original readers, the starting point for all fruitful study of Scripture. This 10-week study covers all of Ephesians. "With simple clarity, Keri Folmar guides us in learning to study the Bible...she encourages us to read God's Word carefully, understand clearly, and apply prayerfully...she encourages her readers to listen well to God's inspired Word." - Kathleen Nielson, author of our Joshua study guide.

Introducing the Children’s Program

Drop off starting at 9:00 am - Pick up by 11:30 am  |  Nursery area of Main Building

The Children's Program is only available for the Thursday morning group, ages birth to 5 years old (preschool). Children's Program registration for 1 child is $30. Add $10 for each additional child until a max cost of $50 is reached (3+ children).  If your child is school age and would like to help in the children's program, contact us at or 254-778-3233. Once you've registered for the Thursday Morning study, you'll be directed to the Children's Program registration form.

Children's Program Content: Letters of Paul

Class sizes are limited to 12 on a first-registered basis. All classes will have one lead teacher and 1-5 assistants. Class Leaders:

  • Infants and non-walkers led by Nursery staff team
  • One year olds (walking) led by Pam Bonstead
  • Two year olds led by Paula Meyer
  • Three years olds led by Becky Paysee
  • Four - Five year olds led by Heather West

Topical Studies

Join with Single Moms and mentors for snacks and guided conversation. Led by Maxine James. Children welcome! Sunday morning Single Moms gatherings are ongoing at 9:30 am in Creekside Loft 1.

Embrace Grace is a support system, providing spiritual, emotional and physical support for young, single women (teens and 20’s) experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. The Embrace Grace curriculum conveys the heart of God through simple, yet powerful lessons about God’s love and grace for each of us. A special day event and baby shower for participants is part of the program. Begins January 22, 2020. Register here!

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