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The genealogy and virgin birth of Christ showed that He was legally qualified to be the awaited King. His baptism verified the divine approval of the Father. Now the moral character…

The chorus of one of my favorite Christmas carols, “What Child Is This?” supplies the answer to its own question...”this, this is Christ the King!” The wise men who came seeking Him…


January 7, 2007
Special guest speaker Glen Brindley takes a look at the truth presented in Genesis 1.

The Grand Finale

August 31, 0014
The end of Solomon's journey as chronicled in his journal. We explore his quest to find or become something that will finally give meaning to his life. Spanish audio available…


August 17, 0014
Solomon's search for meaning has come up empty. He has concluded that there is nothing but futility and dissatisfaction in the cycles of life. One conclusion he reached from his…


April 6, 0014
Rejected...betrayed...denied...adored...the final week of Jesus' life was filled with various reactions that revealed the hearts of those around Him! Spanish audio located here.
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