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There are many evidences that verify the resurrection of Jesus. One piece of evidence that is often overlooked is the lie of the guards about what happened to the body…
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Join us as we welcome guest speaker Stuart Briscoe!


March 10, 2013
There was conflict in the early church...and it was an issue over food! The twelve apostles needed help so they could tend to other issues. They wisely appointed men who…


March 3, 2013
An organization with poor leadership is doomed to fail. With this in mind, Paul appointed elders as he planted new churches. These men were to care for the flock of…

Women in the Church

February 24, 2013
What's a woman to do in the church? Why do some churches have women preachers and TBC does not? Why do some churches have women elders, but TBC does not?…


February 17, 2013
Paul tells Timothy that the purpose of his letter is to tell him "how to do church." After exhorting him to stay in Ephesus and deal with the false teachers…


February 10, 2013
The church at Ephesus was being attacked internally by false teachers. Paul calls out two of these men who were sowing seeds of discord. Paul tells Timothy...protect your faith and…
Paul's personal story is an apologetic for the Christian faith. What happened to so radically transform him? How does one go from being a Christ-hater to a Christ-follower? How is…
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The Trump Card

January 20, 2013
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In this letter from Paul, the seasoned veteran of ministry instructs his son in the faith about God's desire for how the church should function within the world. As we…

G-R-O-W in 2013

January 6, 2013
Spiritual growth should be a desire for each one of us. As we enter a New are a few suggestions on how to G-R-O-W! Spanish audio located here.

Crowds, Compassion, Calling

December 30, 2012
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Crowds, Compassion, Calling

December 30, 2012
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One minute He was surrounded by the glory of heaven, the next he was occupying the womb of a young Jewish girl. One moment he was seated on a throne…

If He Had Not Been Sent

December 16, 2012
Suppose the Incarnation had not happened. Suppose Jesus had not been SENT and had not come...what difference would it have made? Spanish audio located here.

The House God Built

December 9, 2012
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"In our final study of "Prophets and Kings," we will look at an unusual prophet...John the Baptist. John is associated with two kings...King Herod and King Jesus! Spanish audio located…

Thanksgiving Offerings

November 25, 2012
CELEBRATIONS...the nation of Israel loved celebrations. Feast days...holy days...trips to Jerusalem to worship...the nation of Israel loved to celebrate and worship their God. Included in their celebrations was an opportunity…
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