The Sluggard

May 26, 2019
The half-read book, the half-mowed lawn, the half-finished assignment, the half-completed degree, the half-cleaned house…signs that may say “a sluggard lives here!” Proverbs describes the sluggard as one who struggles…

The Fool

May 19, 2019
#4 in the series Proverbs: The Beginning of Wisdom.  Nobody wants to look like a fool or be called a fool. However, as the wisest man who ever lived, Solomon,…

Be A Wise Momma

May 12, 2019
#3 in the series Proverbs: The Beginning of Wisdom Pastor Gary teaches on the difference between a worldly momma and a godly momma in the Mother's Day message.

The Simple

May 5, 2019
#2 in the series Proverbs In Proverbs we see 3 kinds of people: the mocker, the fool and the simple. Each one is out of touch with ultimate reality but…

Where Wisdom Begins

April 28, 2019
We need wisdom. We need it daily, and we need it desperately. As we begin our series in Proverbs, we will spend the next several weeks gazing into ancient wisdom,…