Bulletin: June 20, 2021

Mark: Good and Gracious King #10Chase Bowers RejectedMark 6:1-29 Rejected at _____________ Rejected in _____________ Rejected for _____________

Bulletin: June 13, 2021

Mark: Good and Gracious King #9Chase Bowers Love and AuthorityMark 5:21-43 A __________ father — Jesus _________ (v.21-24) A __________ in pain — Jesus _________ (v.25-34) A __________ girl — Jesus _________ (v.35-43) The __________ and ____________ of Jesus compels every man, woman, and child to ____________ Him and _____________ Him as Savior King.

Bulletin: June 6, 2021

Mark: Good and Gracious King #8Tim Cartwright Chaos to CalmMark 5:1-20 “Who then is this, that even the __________ and _________ obey him?”  Mark 4:41 “Jesus came straight from his confrontation with the storm in nature to confront an equally violent storm in _____________ nature.”  – R. Kent Hughes “You don’t need to unburden or collect yourself and then come …

Bulletin: May 30, 2021

Mark: Good and Gracious King #7Brandon Brewer The True and BetterMark 4:21-41 How open are we to the Kingdom of God? The _______________ The _______________ The _______________ Knowing to obey, faith in the storm The true and better _____________

Bulletin: May 23, 2021

Mark: Good and Gracious King #6Dave Tate Seed and SoilMark 4:1-20 Why did Jesus teach in parables? To reveal _______________ more persuasively To reveal truth to those who ________ and want more of it To _______________ truth from those who hate it and do not want it Four Kinds of Soil Path —> _______________     (Mark 4:1-3 and 13-14) Rocky …

Dry Bones Come Alive – TBC Worship

“Dry Bones Come Alive” is a new worship anthem from TBC Worship. It is both an honest confession of our brokenness and a celebration of new life found in Christ. Listen on your favorite platform: On Spotify On Amazon (coming soon) On Apple Music On YouTube Dry Bones Come Alive: Lyrics Verse 1:Where is the fire inside my soulWhere is your voice when I …

Bulletin: May 16, 2021

Mark: Good and Gracious King #5Mark Bailey – DTS Chancellor The Call to Follow Christ in a Conflicted WorldMark 3:13-30 The Call to Following Christ (v. 13-19)              _____________________ by Him              _____________________ with Him              _____________________ for Him The Conflicted World in Response to Christ              The _____________________ of His own people (v.20-21)              The _____________________ of the Jerusalem …

Bulletin: May 9, 2021

Mark: Good and Gracious King #4Tim Cartwright Lord of EverythingMark 2:18-3:12 Lord of _______________  – Mark 2:18-22 Lord of _______________  – Matthew 21:13 and Isaiah 56:7 Lord of the _______________  – Mark 3:7-10 and John 21:25 Lord of the _______________  – Mark 3:11-12 and Matthew 8:29 Is He Lord of Your _______________ ?