A Word to Parents

We are so glad you took the time to check out our ministry today! You are more than welcome to come observe any one of our programs to see what's going on or to catch a glimpse of something you might want to be involved with. We have lots of opportunities for you to be involved with Overflow Ministries .


We believe that the biggest influence on teenagers is YOU, the parents! So, we want to help you. We will occasionally have parent meetings to inform you, equip you or just bless you. If you need help more specifically or have any questions, please contact the appropriate pastor at the email address or phone number below.

High School Pastor
Email: davet@tbcweb.org
Cell: 254-493-1161

Parents Meet Technology

This is a follow up from the Parents Meet Technology session. Recently we held a meeting for parents with Brian Goins, a regular speaker for Pine Cove. The focus was helping parents disciple their teens especially in areas like technology. He gave us some great resources many of which you will find below.

Brian is currently making a documentary about pornography. You can sign up here for monthly update on the progress of the film.

Helpful Websites:
Tools for Tracking Screen Time
Internet Filters

Key Articles

  • How social media affects teenagers
  • What screen time does to brain
  • 9 most dangerous apps for kids