Any cross-cultural experience compresses you. Whether or not you realize it or not, you will decompress this tension. It may be a gradual thing that finds it’s way into a few lunch meetings with friends or an emotional explosion at the next family vacation.

TBC Global Outreach now has caring and trained Christ-followers willing and able to come alongside you as you unpack your experience overseas. Debriefing is the fancy word for this shepherded decompression, and TBC debriefing is primarily focusing on questions and exercises that help you process.

This is not counseling and it is not confession. We would love to hear your story and give you space to unpack all the Lord has challenged and empowered you with… Will you please consider taking some time to share your story? Fill out this brief form as you prepare your stateside visit for debriefing and resources you will need while you are here.

Our Debriefing Team


George and Ginny Olson

The Olsons have been members of TBC since the late 1990s. They served in the Philippines as church planters for 12 years in a variety of roles including teaching, language coaching, and managing security. Today they continue to serve their sending agency in the areas of international security and long term strategy development.


Ryan and Meghan Murphy 

The Murphys served on the field for the last five years in England and now call Temple their home. Ryan is the Global Outreach Pastor at TBC and Meghan is a Missions Coach for GoCorps where she is mobilizing college students to the field. Their heart is to help those processing and wrestling with the experiences and things God is teaching you on and off the field. 


Anthony and Lauren Tharp

The Tharps are graduates from UMHB and have lived in Belton ever since. They are both teachers in the Bell County area. While teaching, they are involved in the 20-Somethings class and participate in GroupLife at TBC.


Tucker and Morgan Saxton

The Saxtons have been a part of TBC for over 7 years. Tucker is a Ministry Assistant at Temple Bible Church, working with the College, Global Outreach, and Benevolence ministries. Morgan is a Registered Nurse working at Baylor Scott & White with the Hospice Team. They both attended UMHB, are a cat family, and love hanging out with their friends or relaxing at home.


Greg and Lennie Glenn

The Glenns are parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, missionary parents, and great company. They love to laugh and listen, and at the same time, they love to cry and comfort. 

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