Women of TBC Summer Book Club, 2022

The Secular Creed by Rebecca McLaughlin

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The summer is a great time to slow down and read!  Here’s a book I want to challenge you to read this summer!  It’s a quick read but the topics it covers are not easy.  These are subjects we all have strong opinions about, but often struggle to see clearly through the lens of the gospel.   We often know what we are against more than we know what the Bible says we should be for!   We struggle to talk with those with whom we disagree, so we find ourselves in echo chambers on social media, only reading and engaging with the opinions of those with whom we agree.  I fear that we are losing the skills required for civil discourse in our cultural context.   McLaughlin’s arguments are gracious and accessible and give us a good framework for hard conversations that are full of grace and truth.  

Here’s how the publisher (The Gospel Coalition) describes the book:
In this house we believe that:
Black Lives Matter
Love Is Love
Gay Rights Are Civil Rights
Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
Transgender Women Are Women
You may have seen signs with these messages in your neighborhood.
They offer us an all-or-nothing package deal in short, a secular creed.

In this provocative book, Rebecca McLaughlin helps us disentangle the beliefs Christians gladly affirm from those they cannot embrace, and invites us to talk with our neighbors about the things that matter most. Far from opposing love across difference, McLaughlin argues, Christianity is the original source and firmest foundation for true diversity, equality, and life-transforming love.


Book Club:

I want to encourage you to gather with a friend or two or a small group and discuss the book. 

You may choose to meet for 5 consecutive weeks and discuss a chapter per week or meet just once and discuss the whole book. 

Here are some discussion questions to get the conversation going!



I will have two opportunities for Zoom discussion groups in June and July:

Tuesday, June 14 at 10:00 am, discussing the Introduction – Chapter 2
Tuesday, July 19 at 10:00 am, discussing Chapters 3-5 and the Conclusion

We will use this link for both chats:

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