Overflow 5th Grade Guys All Sports Golf

5th grade boys!!!  Grab a friend and join the 5th grade Boys Overflow group for the “First and Last Fifth Grade Overflow All Sports Golf Open” (F.A.L.F.G.O.A.S.G.O.) at Lions Park on May 21st at 4:00pm.  Following in the austere tradition of Dude Perfect’s “All Sports Golf” competitions, we will be in feverish, but gentlemanly (golf claps please), competition at the Lions Park frisbee golf course.  Do NOT forget your “golf bag”– see details for what constitutes a “golf bag” below.  The competition will commence shortly after 4:00pm and food will be provided once some sort of jacket is presented to the winner!

See Dude Perfect’s All Sports Golf episodes on YouTube for an example of the competition– but don’t worry, we’ll explain everything at the frisbee golf course that day.  A “golf bag” is defined as a collection of any of the following sports balls/items in some kind of golf bag/laundry basket/trash can/whatever you can find to collect your “clubs” in.  Here’s a list of items that would count for one of your “golf clubs”:
1) a soccer ball
2) a football (whatever football you can throw the farthest)– vortex Nerf football counts
3) a racquetball racket and ball (or tennis racquet and tennis ball)
5) a volleyball
6) a foxtail
7) a frisbee (for putting)
We will be discussing who can bring what at Sunday School on May 14th, so be thinking about what items you can bring from home from the above list on the 21st to make sure all involved have enough items to put together a “golf bag” with which to compete.  If you have all these items, then bring at least one of all of these items.  If you have multiple soccer balls, bring a few extra so that you can complete someone else’s “golf bag” who might not have a soccer ball.  If you have multiple frisbees, bring a few of them so that you can complete someone else’s “golf bag” that might not have a frisbee. . . .  etc., etc. Once we have determined what we’ve got/round out everyone’s “golf bag,” we’ll spread out on a few holes and see who can get the lowest score.  For each “golf shot,”  you’ll use a different item from your “golf bag” until all items are used, then the “golf bag” is reset and you can use them all again.  Once within striking distance of the frisbee golf hole (we will determine this distance–probably about 100 feet), you can “putt” repetitively with your frisbee to finish the hole.  Tim will pay the winner an amount of money that would make the recent Masters champion jealous, and you will have bragging rights for an eternity. . . . or until the First and Last Sixth Grade Overflow All Sports Golf Open (F.A.L.S.G.O.A.S.G.O.), whichever comes first.
See you there!,
-Richard Moore

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May 21 2022


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Lion's Park
4320 Lion's Park Dr. Temple, TX 76502
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