Temple Bible Church

Ukraine Relief

How to Participate

August 8, 2022 TBC and partners began collecting donations of food and non-food items to ship a 40 foot crate (20 pallets) to Ukraine!

As of September 30, 2022 TBC and partners have donated enough items to fill 9+ pallets and enough money to purchase food for the remaining 12 pallets, plus more! What an awesome first go at getting significant needs into Ukraine! Once our final shipment of items comes in and gets sorted, TBC’s next step will be palletizing and forklifting all the donations into the 40′ crate. We will need lots of volunteers when “Crate Day” comes! Details and needs for Crate Day will be announced soon!

We are deeply grateful for your continued support of our ongoing work with our dear friends in Ukraine as they continue to bring the gospel to very hard places and very difficult circumstances. Unfortunately this will be a long-term effort as this war will create significant burdens through a hard winter. As we continue our work together we will continue to accept donations to our Ukraine Relief Fund so we can help meet the needs of our partners and their ministries. Your generosity has been a blessing to so many! Thank you again for your help.


Another great opportunity Temple Bible Church has to love our friends in Ukraine is praying for them.

As you and your small group are praying, consider contributing to our partnered efforts with local churches in Ukraine and Poland ONLINE or via check to Temple Bible Church, memo: UKRAINE RELIEF.

As you pray, consider writing a letter to one of our Ukrainian partners. Here’s a guide to write your letter and then email it to Brandon, BrandonB@tbcweb.org!