October 20, 2013
Through a familiar illustration, Jesus both reveals and conceals truth to those who are listening to Him. Speaking about a sower, some seed and different types of soil, Jesus challenges…

New Things

October 6, 2013
Jesus warned the religious leaders of Israel that He was not going to reform their religious traditions, but that He was going to do new things. What new things was…


September 29, 2013
Jesus faced opposition from the religious leaders of Israel throughout His journey! When He violated their traditions, they opposed Him to the point of plotting to kill him. Spanish audio…


September 15, 2013
When Jesus began His journey to the cross...He invited others to travel with Him. These travelers were the disciples, followers of Christ, who accompanied Him on┬áThe Journey. Spanish audio located…


September 8, 2013
Any journey requires preparation...if it is packing a bag, purchasing tickets, or planning a route...when we travel, certain preparations have to be made. Proper preparations were made for Jesus to…


April 6, 0014
Rejected...betrayed...denied...adored...the final week of Jesus' life was filled with various reactions that revealed the hearts of those around Him! Spanish audio located here.