#7 from the series Disconnected  1. The _____________ of Jesus Christ ______________ __________ what is meant by “Be __________ and ___________.” 2. Jesus ____________ a new family 3. Jesus ____________…


November 12, 2017
What will happen when we arrive to heaven? Will we be greeted by Saint Peter? What about our loved ones? What will haven look like when we get there?


June 3, 2012
The Gospel teaches us that a depraved person becomes a saved person through the resurrected Savior...Jesus. The joy of forgiven sin is found only in Jesus. There are theological words…


April 8, 2012
The cornerstone of Christianity is the resurrection! If Christ is not resurrected then Christianity is a hoax and we are hopelessly deceived and lost! On the other hand, if the resurrection…