Who’s Your Daddy?
May 27, 2018

Who’s Your Daddy?

Passage: John 7-8
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#18 in the series Come & See.

Luke was quite surprised to learn that his father was Darth Vader, the epitome of evil. People gathered in the Jewish Temple for a time of national celebration are about to be confronted with a similar truth. Fortunately for them, salvation is possible if they are willing to see Jesus as He truly is.

I. Origins.

A. Paternity affects wealth, station, influence, and looks
B. Jesus is in the Temple to celebrate an origin story, Jn. 7:1-8:59.
C. Jesus is defending His Messiahship.

II. Jesus clarifies paternity, John 8:39-59.

A. The Jews misunderstood their origin, vv. 39-47.

1. They saw themselves as the descendants of Abraham, vv. 39-41.
2. They saw themselves as the offspring of God, vv. 41-42.
3. They were actually the sons of the Devil, vv. 43-47.

B. Jesus proclaims His origin, vv. 48-59.

1. Jesus is not a son of the Devil, vv. 48-49.
2. Jesus is equal to God, vv. 50-55.
3. Jesus is greater than Abraham, vv. 56-59.

III. Who is your father?

A. The unbeliever’s answer
B. The religionist’s answer.
C. Is Jesus your LORD?
D. Communion.

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