Sorrow Turned to Joy
September 30, 2018

Sorrow Turned to Joy

Passage: John 16:16-33
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#33 in the series Come & See.

Sorrow…we have all experienced sorrow at some time. It may be sorrow that comes from death, disappointment, divorce, disease or disaster. The disciples have been told that Jesus is leaving them and will die…that Peter would deny Him…that Judas would betray Him…that they would be persecuted, kicked out of the synagogue and eventually be martyred! How does anyone experience joy when they hear this kind of news? How do we experience joy when circumstances are bleak?
 the PROMISE of JOY
 the CONFUSION of the DISCIPLES…16:16-19
 the COMFORT of CHRIST…16:19-33
 the PROMISE of ___________…16:20-24
 the RESPONSE of ___________…16:25-32
 the DESIRE for ___________…16:33
 the RISEN SAVIOR can turn _____________ into __________
_________ when we look to HIM!

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