Past, Present, Future
January 13, 2019

Past, Present, Future

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God has blessed TBC with a rich history, we stand on the shoulders of many who have paved the way for us as a body impacting Central Texas. At present, we are a church in transition, but by God’s grace, this time of transition, while having few hiccups, has remained faithful and passionate for the Gospel. What does the future hold? Only He knows, but we look to plan and say, “if He wills!”

 GIVING _____________ for the PAST…Philippians 1:3-5
 STAYING _____________ in the PRESENT…Philippians 1:6
 __________ and _________ about the FUTURE…I Thess. 1:8
 ____________ the PAST…____________ in the PRESENT…____________ about the FUTURE!

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