Disconnected: We Weren’t Wired for This
January 20, 2019

Disconnected: We Weren’t Wired for This

Passage: Romans 5
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We live in the most connected time and place in the history of the world. We have smart phones, smart tv’s, facial recognition software, drones, security cameras, wireless monitors, and Bluetooth connection in our cars. Social media, social gatherings, social clubs, and still, with all of these connection devices and opportunities, we are experiencing one of the most disconnected moments in human history. And in our disconnection, we will find, no matter where we look, or what alternatives we try, only Jesus gives connection, reconciliation with God and others.

1) We were ____________________ from God, and Jesus died to
____________ us to the ___________.
2) When we become ________________ to Christ we are then
__________________ the __________ of Christ.
3) Connected people are compelled by Christ’s love because
connected people are __________________ in ___________.
4) Connected people ______________ about _________ because that
is the ___________ he has ___________ us.
5) We are _______________________ with God, because Jesus
became _______________ for us.

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