Connected then Disconnected
February 3, 2019

Connected then Disconnected

Passage: Genesis 2-3
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Bible Text: Genesis 2-3 | Speaker: Gary DeSalvo | Series: Disconnected | God made us for relationship, not only with Him, but also with others. Adam was in a perfect environment, without sin, but the Father says, “it is not good for man to be alone.” Eve is created and there is “connection!” Then what was joyously connected became “disconnected” and we have wrestled with the consequences of this disconnection ever since!
 CONNECTED by GOD…Genesis 2:18-25
 GOD’S _______________…2:18-22
 ADAM’S _______________…2:23
 GOD’S _______________…2:24
 ADAM & EVE’S _______________…2:25
 DISCONNECTED by SIN…Genesis 3:1-13
 DISCONNECTED by _______________…Colossians 3:5
 DISCONNECTED by _______________…Colossians 3:13
 DISCONNECTED by _______________…Colossians 3:14
 SATAN wants you to _______________ DISCONNECTED…
the FATHER wants you to be _______________ CONNECTED!

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