Building A Legacy
June 17, 2018

Building A Legacy

Passage: John 1:29-51
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Bible Text: John 1:29-51 | Speaker: Gary DeSalvo | Series: Father’s Day

2018 Father’s Day Message.

Building a spiritual legacy only happens by the grace of God! Are there things we as dads can be doing as we seek to build a LEGACY that will inspire generational faithfulness in our family?

 building a LEGACY
 LOVES his _________…Ephesians 5:25
 ENCOURAGES with his ___________…I Thess 2:17-20
 GROUNDS his FAMILY in _________…Judges 2:6-13
 AFFIRMS his FAMILY with his ________…Phil. 2:19-30
 COURAGEOUSLY _______ his FAMILY…Joshua 24:15
 YEARNS to ______________________…Psalm 42:1-2a
 DADS…ask God for GENERATIONAL FAITHFULNESS in your family!

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