Sermon Notes: July 7, 2024


#9 in the series Exodus (Part 2: You Shall Be)
Chase Bowers

Passage: Exodus 26-31

Last week in Exodus 25 we were reminded that If God is to dwell with his people, mercy will be over judgment, Bread will be broken, and light will shine in the darkness. This week, we continue studying the construction of the Tabernacle, and there is more goodness, beauty, and truth to be explored.

1) Exodus 26 – God ____________ among his people is aiming at something better than the garden.

2) Exodus 27 – The mountain where God descends, where heaven meets earth, requires a _____________, and has a single entrance.

3) Exodus 28 – If God is to dwell among his people, there must be a ___________ between God and men.

4) Exodus 29 – Dwelling with God comes about for ______________ people in the right clothes and the  right place.

5) Exodus 30 – God gives his people _____________ they need to be made right with him.

5) Exodus 31 – God’s people ______________ the opportunity to serve him while on their way to the promised land.

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