Sermon Notes: June 9, 2024


#5 in the series Exodus (Part 2: You Shall Be)
Tim Cartwright

Passages: Exodus 20:16-26

Ray Ortlund – How to Read the 10 Commandments:

  1. Each command is _______, showing me the moral beauty of God. I bow.
  2. Each command is ________, showing me my need for God. I open up.
  3. Each command is ________, showing me what it looks like to live in God’s grace. I take the next step.
  4. Each command is ________ because God’s Spirit is writing His law on my heart. I breathe a sigh of relief, grateful that I won’t be a jerk forever.

10th Commandment: “Do not covet” Another word for “covet” is ______.

“Coveting relentlessly _______ more of this world; and a person’s thoughts, affections, and heart occupied with the world will cease seeking heaven. It forsakes love for God and disposes one to hate their neighbor. Coveting pulls the heart down into the pit of self-seeking and the muck and mire of envy, slander, adultery, pride, dishonor, murder, thievery, and idolatry. He continues this thought by stating, “It has rightly been said that when we break any of the first nine commandments, we also break the tenth commandment.” – Jason Helopoulos

“Every awesome thing in creation is designed to point you to the One who alone is _________ of capturing and controlling the awe of your searching and hungry heart.” – Paul Tripp

“You shall not make gods of ________ to be with me, nor shall you make for yourselves gods of gold.” – Exodus 20:23

“Life lived without God will bring ________ because the things of the world cannot fulfill the deepest heart longings. You can never get out of romance, money, and accomplishment the fulfillment that only a relationship with God can bring. So life in a world without God will indeed feel futile and absurd. ‘The hope of the righteous brings joy, but the expectation of the wicked will perish.’ (Proverbs 10:28)” – Tim Keller