Bulletin: April 7, 2024


#11 in the series Exodus: Part 1 • I Am
Tim Cartwright

Passages: Exodus 13 – 14

God’s Plan:

  • Make Pharaoh think they were _______ and stuck in the wilderness.
    (Exodus 14:3)
  • Make Pharaoh ________ them to bring an end to His enemy and show the people His power.
    (Exodus 14:4-9)
  • Bring the Israelites to the _____ of themselves.
    (Exodus 14:10-12)
  • Make them realize, once again, that He alone is _____.
    (Exodus 14:13-20)
  • ____________ the physical representation of injustice, oppression, and evil.
    (Exodus 14:21-28)
  • Cause His people to, once again, see and ________ His great power.
    (Exodus 14:29-31)

Your Response:

  • Have you received this great salvation?
  • Is this great salvation at work in your life bringing glory to God?
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