Bulletin: December 17, 2023


#3 in the Advent series “You’re Invited”
Tim Cartwright

Passage: Luke 2:8-21

Immanuel – God is with ______.

The good news is available to ________.

” Christmas is a powerful reminder that is important in heaven is often ____________ on earth.” – Daniel Darling

“Not only was the child sent from the Lord, but this was the ___________ Himself. Not only had the Lord of heaven initiated and acted to rescue His lowly people from their sin and shame, but He Himself had come to earth, wonder upon wonder, and dwelt among us, in our own flesh and blood – the highest made lowest for us.” – David Mathis

And all who heard it __________ at what the shepherds told them. – Luke 2:18

  • Fear
  • Acceptance
  • Obedience
  • Proclamation
  • _________