Bulletin: December 3, 2023


#1 in the Advent series “You’re Invited”
Dave Tate

Passage: Malachi 4:5-6; Luke 1:5-7, 11-25, 67-79; Hebrews 12:11

The great theme of Advent is _______, but it is not tolerable to speak of ________ unless we are willing to look squarely at the overwhelming presence of evil in our world.

– Fleming Rutledge

Fervent _______ cannot compensate for a distant dad. A father who is an exemplar, a pillar of the church, but doesn’t provide warmth and affirmation to his kid does not have kids who follow him in his faith.

– Vern Bengston

This affliction was less of a punishment and more of a _______ from God. To not speak would be to sit in silence before God, to quiet the chattering of the soul and the noise of his circumstances. This is a work God seeks to do in the heart of all of us.

– Daniel Darling