Bulletin: July 16, 2023


#14 in the series Learning from Jesus
Dave Tate

Passage: Matthew 7:7-11

Matthew 7:7-8

“Prayer is not overcoming God’s ____________. It is laying hold of His highest willingness. Persistence in prayer is not an attempt to change God’s mind but to get ourselves to the place where He can trust us with the answer.” – Phillips Brooks

John 14:13-14

“God will either ______ us what we ask or _______ us what we would have asked if we knew everything he knew.” – Tim Keller

What keeps us from asking, seeking, knocking?

  • We believe ________ doesn’t work.
  • We believe God already knows what we need.
  • We believe we need perfect conditions to pray.
  • We fail to know God as our Father.

Matthew 7:9-11

Why you pray will determine how you pray.

“You see now why we should _________ God that asking, seeking, and knocking do not mean that if we ask for anything we like we shall get it. What it means is this. Ask for any one of these things that is good for you, that is for the salvation of your soul, your ultimate perfection, anything that brings you nearer to God and enlarges your life and is thoroughly good for you, and He will give it to you.” – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones