Bulletin: May 21, 2023


#6 in the series Learning from Jesus
Dave Tate

Passage: Matthew 5:33-37

Do not use God’s name to promote…

  • what is __________.
  • what is _____________.
  • what is __________.

This utter, rank ___________ in connection with the things of God is to be exposed and denounced for the thing it is. The Pharisees were guilty of this in distinguishing between oath and oath, saying that some were binding and some not, and the result of all this teaching was that solemn oaths were being used commonly and lightly in conversation and with respect to almost everything. – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The ____________ of the divine oaths was not to increase his credibility but to draw out and confirm our faith. The fault which made God condescend to this human level lay not in anything untrustworthy about him but in our unbelief. – John Stott

Types of lies…

  • ___________ lies
  • exaggeration
  • broken __________
  • benevolent lies
  • plagiarism
  • __________ lies