Bulletin: April 23, 2023

S A L T & L I G H T

#2 in the series Learning from Jesus
Shannon Soard

Passage: Matthew 5:13-16

  • You are the ________ of the earth…
  • You are the ________ of the world…

The worst thing about sin is that it ____________ us. Sin hijacks our humanity from its original, fulfilling, God-glorifying purpose. Ironically, sin does the opposite of what we desire – it lures us away from experiencing the fullness and freedom of being a human created in the image of God. – Matt Heard, Life with a Capital L

How does your life taste?

  • Your _________ ?
  • Your _________ ?
  • Your ___________ ?

What kind of thoughts or actions would help me become more of a peacemaker?

If I am not __________ each day, I will come to despise the people God has called me to love – I will judge them and distance myself from them.