Bulletin: October 16, 2022

1 Peter 3:18-22

#9 in 1 Peter: Make Us Holy
Dave Tate

Three truths concerning suffering:

  • Suffering is addressed ____  _______________ the Bible.
  • Christianity has an _________  ____  _______ for suffering.
  • Christianity gives us ___________ to endure suffering.

Do we look at ______ through the lens of suffering or do we look at suffering through the lens of _______?

If God accomplished something good for us through the __________ of Jesus, He can accomplish something good in us _________ our suffering.

“The water of baptism is like waters of judgment, similar to waters of the flood, and showing clearly what we deserve for our sins. Coming up out of the waters of baptism corresponds to being kept safe through the waters of the flood, the waters of God’s judgment on sin, and emerging to live in newness of life.” 
— Wayne Grudem