Bulletin: October 9, 2022

1 Peter 3:8-17

#8 in 1 Peter: Make Us Holy
Tim Cartwright

1. ___________________ to live out the Gospel. (v 8-12)

• Verse 8: Unity, sympathy, brotherly love, tender heart, humble mind.

• Verses 9-11: Do not repay evil for evil, obtain a blessing, tender heart, turn away from evil, seek peace & pursue it.

• Verse 12: The Lord hears the prays of the righteous.

2. __________________ of living out the Gospel. (v 13-17)

• Verses 13-14: You will be blessed with less fear & worry

• Verse 15: Show hope with gentleness & respect

• Verse 16-17: When you suffer in a godly way, God is glorified & this brings shame on your enemies. You will suffer for doing good!


We have observed various ways to live out the Gospel: UNITY, SYMPATHY, BROTHERLY LOVE, TENDER HEART, and HUMBLE MIND.

We recognize that we CAN NOT do this on our own. We have come to an understanding that living out the Gospel guarantees us times of suffering. But this suffering brings greater UNITY, SYMPATHY, BROTHERLY LOVE, TENDER HEART, and a HUMBLE MIND!