We’re Hiring!

TBC is seeking to hire a new Ministry Assistant. This position needs someone who has a heart for TBC ministries and…

  • is flexible and willing to adapt to the fluctuating environment and learn new things as needs arise.
  • enjoys collaborating with Youth and Local Outreach ministry leaders to find innovative solutions and serve everyone who serves in these ministries, as well as others on the TBC ministry team.
  • is detail-oriented and able to communicate effectively with team and families about multiple ongoing projects/events.
  • has good personal time management skills so projects/assignments are completed in an organized and timely manner.
  • is proficient with current technological tools including Planning Center, Microsoft Office and Google Suite collaboration tools, and is ready to learn other Children’s Ministry-specific software.

College degree is preferred or equivalent professional experience. Basic graphic design skills are a plus, especially in tools like Canva, Adobe Spark or Photoshop.

If interested, submit resumes to tbc.office@tbcweb.org attention Danny Cunningham, Executive Pastor.