Bulletin: July 17, 2022

Isaiah 43

#9 in A New Chapter
Tim Cartwright

1. A deeper understanding of God allows us to face any difficulty with _________________. (Verses 1-2)

2. A deeper understanding of God enables us to see how _________________ we are to Him. (Verses 3-4)

3. A deeper understanding of God reveals that we are _________________. (Verses 5-7)

4. A deeper understanding of God shows that He stands alone as the _________________. (Verses 8-11)

🡲 Do you feel as if you are overwhelmed by the floods and fires of life?

🡲 Do you doubt God’s love for you?

🡲 Have you found yourself focusing on the temporary, wrapped up in the here and now, pursuing goals that ultimately leave you wanting more?

🡲 Are you weighed down by how crazy the world has gotten?

Immerse yourself with the One who is with you through it all. Get in the Word daily and spend time with other believers reminding each other that you are called for a purpose – to make much of God, to enjoy Him and to bring Him glory!