Bulletin: June 12, 2022

Psalm 139

#4 in A New Chapter
Tim Cartwright

J.I. Packer in the book Knowing God asks:
“How may we form a right idea of God’s greatness?”

Here are two answers…

  1. __________ from our thoughts of God limits that would make Him small.
  2. __________ Him with power and forces which we regard as great.

4 Characteristics of God

  1. God’s _____________ (V 1-6) Omniscient
  2. God’s _____________ (V 7-12) Omnipresent
  3. God’s __________________ ( V 13-16)
  4. God’s __________________ (V 17,18)

What do we do with David’s request for the utter annihilation of the wicked in V 19-24?

When we read the Psalms, it’s important for us to understand that just because a request is made it does not necessarily reflect what God desires or will actually do. This is a request from a sin-filled human who is expressing, rather bluntly, what he thinks should happen.


David understands that his ___________ and ___________ are flawed (v 23,24).