Bulletin: May 8, 2022

Nehemiah 10

#15 in Rebuilding: A Study in Ezra & Nehemiah
Tim Cartwright

Nehemiah 10: 1-27:
1. The __________ of the Covenant.
Nehemiah 10: 30-39
2. The ___________ of the Covenant.

Sabbath Reflections:
• Where is our devotion to a form of Sabbath? (Nehemiah 10:39)
• How important is it for us to have a Sabbath rest?
• What are the benefits of making Sabbath a priority?

→ It is extremely _______________
→ It points us to the ultimate ________ when we get to be with God forever
→ It is a tremendous ____________ to non-Christians
→ It gives our kids a totally different ____________ on priorities
→ It shows God that we _________ to be with Him

“Ultimately, nothing in this life, apart from God, can satisfy our desires. Tragically, we continue to chase after our desires ad infinitum. The result? A chronic state of restlessness or, worse, angst, anger, anxiety, disillusionment, depression—all of which lead to a life of hurry, a life of busyness, overload, shopping, materialism, careerism, a life of more…which in turn makes us even more restless. And the cycle spirals out of control.”