Bulletin: September 26, 2021

Rejected King
Mark 15

Mark: Good and Gracious King #24
Dave Tate

Jewish laws broken at Jesus’ trial

⏵A prisoner could not be forced to testify against himself
⏵A criminal cannot be tried on a feast day
⏵A trial cannot take place in the house of the high priest
⏵Witnesses had to be brought in and cross-examined
⏵The court had to prove guilt rather than defendant proving innocence
⏵There was to be no striking of the prisoner

⏵Accused – Mark 15:1-5
⏵Scourged – Mark 15:6-15
⏵Mocked – Mark 15:16-20
⏵Crucified – Mark 15:21-32
⏵Killed – Mark 15:33-39
⏵Buried – Mark 15:40-47