Bulletin: August 15, 2021

Cross-Shaped Leadership
Mark 10:32-52

Mark: Good and Gracious King #18
Dave Tate

▸The Journey: Mark 10:32-34

▸The Request: Mark 10:35-40

▸The Ransom: Mark 10:41-45

The Power Paradox

“Once we have power, we lose some of the __________________ we needed to gain it in the first place.” – Dacher Keltner, psychology professor UC Berkeley

“Sometimes success can take you places where _________________ cannot sustain you.” – Dave Chappelle, Comedian

“We are not saved by following the example of Jesus but by trusting in his _______________.” – Rico Tice

“The ancients understood the idea of the wrath of God, they understood the idea of justice, the idea of a debt and a necessary punishment, but they had no idea that God would come and pay it _________________.” – Tim Keller

▸The Healing: Mark 10:46-52

Ephesians 2:4-6