The Sabbath Breaker


March 11, 2018
#9 in the series Come & See. Jesus heals a man who's been lame 38 years, but as incredible as this story is, it's not the real story. The real…

The Church Through the Ages


October 8, 2017
Why should church history matter? In our culture, we value personal history, American history and Texas history but we do not value church history. To be an American or a…



September 3, 2017
We see a pattern in much of Paul's writing: identity before activity. He focuses rst on what God has done, then tells us what God wants done. We see this…

Family Broken


March 12, 2017
In our culture today, people are obsessed with relationships but negative towards marriage and family. This attitude may come from selfishness or it may come from the sheer fact that…