The Winemaker


January 28, 2018
#4 in the series Come & See. As we continue our series in John, the invitation in chapter 2 is clear. In the middle of a wedding feast, John invites…



November 12, 2017
What will happen when we arrive to heaven? Will we be greeted by Saint Peter? What about our loved ones? What will haven look like when we get there?

The Church in Culture


October 22, 2017
What does the Church need to do with the culture around us? Do we live radical lives against it? Do we adopt pieces? Come join us as we discuss what…

How Will They Know?


August 6, 2017
We continue in our series, "Questions", as we discuss what will happen to people who never heard of God.

Scene 3: The Garden


April 9, 2017
As we continue our journey toward the death and resurrection of Jesus, we stop this week in Gethsemane, peeking in on a dramatic scene hoping to learn the lessons Jesus…

Womanhood Restored


February 12, 2017
Today we continue our Imago Dei series, remembering every man, woman, boy and girl, of every race, creed, socioeconomic level is made in the Image of God to reflect His…

Hope Prepares the Way


December 4, 2016
We all have hopes, but do we all have true hope? Authentic Christian hope distinguishes itself from all others in that it is as sure and steady as the promises…

One Father


October 16, 2016
Paul encourages the Galatians to see the work God has done to bring them into his family. He uses the metaphor of adoption to help them and us understand the…