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The Trump Card

January 20, 2013
Spanish audio located here.
In this letter from Paul, the seasoned veteran of ministry instructs his son in the faith about God's desire for how the church should function within the world. As we…

G-R-O-W in 2013

January 6, 2013
Spiritual growth should be a desire for each one of us. As we enter a New are a few suggestions on how to G-R-O-W! Spanish audio located here.

Crowds, Compassion, Calling

December 30, 2012
Spanish audio located here.

Crowds, Compassion, Calling

December 30, 2012
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One minute He was surrounded by the glory of heaven, the next he was occupying the womb of a young Jewish girl. One moment he was seated on a throne…

If He Had Not Been Sent

December 16, 2012
Suppose the Incarnation had not happened. Suppose Jesus had not been SENT and had not come...what difference would it have made? Spanish audio located here.

The House God Built

December 9, 2012
Spanish audio located here.
"In our final study of "Prophets and Kings," we will look at an unusual prophet...John the Baptist. John is associated with two kings...King Herod and King Jesus! Spanish audio located…

Thanksgiving Offerings

November 25, 2012
CELEBRATIONS...the nation of Israel loved celebrations. Feast days...holy days...trips to Jerusalem to worship...the nation of Israel loved to celebrate and worship their God. Included in their celebrations was an opportunity…
We are tempted to define ourselves by our failures or successes. God tells us to define ourselves by what HE has done. No matter how abandoned you may feel, Ephesians…
Josiah was anointed king at the ripe old age of 8! As a teenage monarch, he passionately pursued God and brought about spiritual reformation in Judah. The catalyst for change…
"Orphans are among the least powerful and most vulnerable people on earth. They are vulnerable really from a very early age, they are vulnerable in the orphanage and they are…


October 28, 2012
GRACE...God lavishly pouring out on us what we don't deserve. King Manasseh of Judah experienced God's grace in an amazing way!


October 21, 2012
More space is devoted to Hezekiah in the scriptures than any other king with the exceptions of David and Solomon. By God's grace, Hezekiah did not follow in his father…
When it seemed that wickedness could not get any worse in did! King Ahaz offered child sacrifices, closed the temple and placed idols throughout Jerusalem. The prophet Micah delivers…
Spanish audio located here.
Worshiping pagan gods, murdering grandchildren, turning from God after a mentor dies, the kings of the southern kingdom, Judah, were "royal failures!" Spanish audio located here.


September 23, 2012
After the death of Solomon, the nation of Israel was divided. The northern kingdom took the name Israel and the southern kingdom was called Judah. Last week we saw that…
Ahab was known as one of the most evil kings to ever reign over Israel. Elijah was sent down by God to confront this wicked king and the Lord prevailed.…
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