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With this sermon we gladly welcome Stuart Briscoe back to TBC!  

A Poor Rich Man

February 16, 2014
He had it all...youth, money, prestige, position. But he was empty...needing answers. The answer he was given was not the one he wanted. So the rich, young ruler left as…

A Test on Marriage

February 9, 2014
Seeking to test Jesus, the Pharisees come to Him with a question about marriage and divorce. Jesus' response helps us to understand what the Word of God teaches about marriage,…
As the journey of Jesus proceeds to Jerusalem, the disciples learn invaluable lessons along the way. Today's passage teaches them about how to handle squabbling and stumbling! Spanish audio located here.

Just Believe

January 26, 2014

The Veil Lifted

January 19, 2014
Who is this man who performs miracles...speaks with great authority...calls out the religious leaders? Who is this man that condemns the Pharisees and feeds the hungry? Who is this man?…

Not Them

January 12, 2014
The Jewish people lived in utter disdain of the Gentiles. Christ enters the Gentile region of Israel and ministers to these unclean pagans. The Gentiles demonstrated greater faith than His…
The Jewish leaders had already attacked Jesus and His disciples for not following their traditions. Now they take off their gloves and get ready to attack again...a second round over…

The People of the King

December 29, 2013
Of all the groups in the world we could identify with, there should be no greater sense of belonging one could have than that of being part of the people…


December 22, 2013
Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds had one thing in common...they were surprised, even shocked by the things they experienced.
In all of history, the greatest surprise ever is that the God of the universe would become a baby. John records this event unlike any of the Gospel writers...the surprise…

To Be Continued

December 8, 2013
Join us as Stephen Cheung unpacks Luke 1 in our first sermon in the new series "Surprises." Spanish audio located here.

A Feast to Remember

December 1, 2013
God's bountiful blessing is apparent in the passages we will look at this morning. The feeding of the 5,000 and the 4,000 teach us primarily about our Savior, but also…
The great adventure of following Jesus has a hard side. The hard side may include rejection and even death...not popular preaching in today's culture, but it is the reality of…

Dry Bones

November 17, 2013
Spanish audio located here.

Stormy Encounters

November 10, 2013
The talk around the campfire would have been quite interesting if we could have eavesdropped on the disciples. "Wow...what a storm! I thought we were goners!" "Yeah, but that was…
Fatherlessness in America has reached epidemic levels. The statistics are sobering and the implications for society are staggering. It is precisely into broken humanity that Jesus came to make his…
Jesus continues to communicate in parables to reveal truth to his disciples and to conceal truth to those opposed to Him. In the parables we study this morning, Jesus issues…


October 20, 2013
Through a familiar illustration, Jesus both reveals and conceals truth to those who are listening to Him. Speaking about a sower, some seed and different types of soil, Jesus challenges…


October 13, 2013
Spanish audio located here.